CURATOR'S NOTE: Did these two artists realize what kindred spirits they are? Of course the first images I picked, the inky Old Master + anatomy studies + calligraphic-penstrokes pictures by Tim Maxwell [ www ] don't show it so much, but look at the end of the Maxwell series: the contour-gridded orchid-vulva shape. That flower/"lala" looks totally like a picture by Lori Ellison [ rep ] [ www ]. The two artists also make ballpoint-on-notepad images of diagonal ropework patterns (usually in red ink) which I can't tell apart, one creator from the other. It is (in art) a present-day Edison/Tesla situation with two ambitious geniuses independently making some of the very same discoveries. They're both masters. And it takes Zen-like precision (with some American self-assurance) to put forth pen-on-pad images as Art. I admit, I'm afraid to myself. Exhibit my own apparent doodles? "Not me!" I'd need the trappings of paint and canvas or some such to feel confident in front of a scrutinizing audience. But Lori and Tim "know themselves" enough (in the noble ancient Greek sense of the phrase) to share with us their visions, even if rendered in humble ballpoint ink. Such confidence in one's own hand (and also in Lori's case: such critical acclaim [ nyt ]) is worthy of noticing. Like usual for ARTspace99, this exhibit is non-commercial/non-selling, and any parties wishing to acquire an image/installation/etc must consult the original image-makers (see their web links above). --Terry Ward (AKA GrumpyVisualArtist) [ www ]

Group below, thanks to: Tim Maxwell Copyright: the artist.

Group below, thanks to: Lori Ellison Copyright: the artist.


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