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ARTspace99, established in 2014, is a multipurpose art exhibit platform planning New York City and Washington DC area pop-up exhibits as well as ongoing worldwide online "virtual" exhibits (WOVEs). Curator: Terry Ward (AKA GrumpyVisualArtist) [ web ] and ad hoc helpers.

While 99% of exhibits here are invitational, ARTspace99 will accept artist submissions for online exhibits and for consideration in future pop-up real world shows. Always, there are no fees. To volunteer your own artwork, email 5 representative images (JPG, PNG, or GIF files only please) and a web URL where your exhibit history may be seen. Put "ARTspace99 submission (artist name)" in the subject line; artists unable to follow this simple subject line request will go to the bottom of the pile of artists to be reviewed. Use the CONTACT email below.

Terry Ward (AKA GrumpyVisualArtist)

Congrats then --Terry thinks your art says something important. Note: usually Terry prefers to group artists whose art somehow gets even more interesting when mixed with some others. It is not that someone is "unworthy" of a solo; rather, it is almost always that the curatorial direction is toward "this artist would look great with this other artist" --and so exhibit concepts develop. Why pairings and groups? Well, try red wine with honey-drizzled gorgonzola and walnuts and pear slices sometime --fantastic! Each is worthy and good on its own too, but together --oh! And so if you're nominated for a group show, that's what is happening. You might be wine who'd be great with a nut or a cheese wedge. Or you might be the nut. Roll with it. It'll be good.

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