CURATOR'S NOTE: I'm on the record as a video-art hater. It takes a lot to please me when it comes to video. One worthy video-ist I wrote about elsewhere is [ www ] Janet Biggs (truly, a genius-hero artist). Another video artist worth a look is Sean Capone [ www ]. The laptop playback of his videos intrigues with the psychedelic-pop-fractal-floral sequences, the serene neon kaleidoscope-blending into new patterns. Polka dots become blue morpho butterfly wings on the way to becoming origami paper. It feels like LSD meeting LEDs --in the best possible way. The real world experience of architectural projection is just haunting. And fun. City night air and the sound of distant traffic and cocktail chatter mix with the over-sized shadows of happy friends posing and almost dancing as their own dark body forms move around on the projected scenes. Portions of Sean's Vimeo mix [ vid ] are screencapped here for virtual-exhibit purposes. But they pale compared to seeing the real hypnotic moving cascades. And laptop playback is just a fraction of the live action fun. The images sometimes include the audience --good for showing the impressive scale of the projections. Too often other videoartsts overlook showing the art's impact on the viewers. Sean's art has enlivened events for Prada, Tiffany, Puma, MoMa, and more. I want to see his art on the big blank base of WTC1 or on the Hirschhorn. If a guerrilla projection squad could somehow play this art on the Washington Monument or NY City Hall, I'd happily contribute $100 toward that cause. --Terry Ward (AKA GrumpyVisualArtist) [ web ]

Images (C) Sean Capone / TheSuperNature href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-r_pT5oPuxCo/Uus_oGUR3SI/AAAAAAAAGYY/UmbKwJ7s09U/s1600/a99_capone_021.png" imageanchor="1" >


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