CURATOR'S NOTE: This virtual exhibit memorializes a real-world show I organized in New York City in 2012 --a show which ended early when someone stole the show. That's not a figure of speech; someone actually stole the show --all of it. They took the building too. Of course this could only be possible with my Two Fingers Gallery [ web ], a venue purposefully seeking the title of World's Smallest Human-Enterable Art Gallery. (With less than three square inches of usable floorspace, there was even a Guiness records candidate case number, but the venue was gone before the official site documentation process got started.) The micro-gallery was in a tiny metal box attached to a sidewalk tree. Maybe hyper-security-minded NYPD pried it off; maybe landlords didn't want a precedent to be established; maybe some hipster used his skateboard to wrench it free and it now serves as an ashtray in his apartment. I may never know. The Chelsea site didn't last one week. The LES site at the Bowery Mural Wall held out for maybe a day more. The real world show called GIVE AN INCH had tiny printouts of art by Adrienne Moumin [ web ], Robert Chapman [ web ], Peter Reginato [ web ], Betty Tompkins [ web ], and "yours truly." --Terry Ward [ web ]

Images shown (as miniatures) in the exhibit:

Robert Chapman [ http://LadimorCreative.PhotoShelter.com ]
showing a mini image of:
Urban Lament #158.
(Original: 2010 photograph.)

Terry Ward [ http://GrumpyVisualArtist.BlogSpot.com ]
showing a mini image of:
Series 340 (aka Puppy).
(Original: 2012 mixed media painting on 4 omnidirectional panels each 12"x78" —overall dimensions variable.)

Adrienne Moumin [ http://www.PicturExhibit.com ]
showing a mini image of:
Coo by Tony Oursler at Metro Pictures from Moumin's "Decade in a Day" series.
(Original: 2003 photograph.)

Betty Tompkins [ http://www.BettyTompkins.com/bio_sel_ex.aspx ]
showing a mini image of:
Kiss Painting.
(Original: 2007 acrylic on paper 28"x28".)

Peter Reginato [ http://www.PeterReginato.com/red_door.htm ]
showing a mini image of:
(Original: 2012 enamel painting on wood 72"x57".)

The former Two Fingers Gallery, Chelsea location.


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