CURATOR'S NOTE: Artist Taro Suzuki [ fb ] has long intrigued me with geometric art picturing concentric circles or parallel lines. They've also reminded me of the declassified U.S. government photos of atomic weapons tests. Such photos were made by usually-unnamed Department of Energy or U.S. Army photographers and are in the Public Domain. Of course Taro's images are copyright: the artist. Below images of art and of stones or raindrops are by Taro; images of explosions, wreckage, craters, and test-platform balloons are by the USA. This is a non-selling/non-commercial exhibit; for sales of Taro's images, contact the Taro[ fb ].--Terry Ward (AKA GrumpyVisualArtist) [ www ]

AFTERTHOUGHT: Taro adds this--
Terry-- I woke up this morning remembering a performance piece I did at the walker Art Center in Minneapolis in 1985 in collaboration with Jules Baptiste called C3I about nuclear war. It had a full orchestra and an original musical score by Jules, and four dancers. It also included 2000 slides --many then classified images that the Reagan Pentagon graciously provided me from their SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) the “Star Wars” program. I also included many images of nuclear detonations from the open sources that you culled from. It’s amazing that you read into my paintings and extrapolated this --I haven’t thought about it in years! Unfortunately the hour-long peice exists only on Video cassette or I’d post it. Best, Taro


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